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Redondo Waterfront Upgrade Moves Ahead as Costs Balloon

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The Redondo Beach City Council gave a thumbs up to developer CenterCal's initial concepts for a redeveloped pier and waterfront area earlier this week. The plans, which include shops, restaurants, a boutique hotel, and a theater, won applause from residents in the audience thanks to CenterCal's "sincerity to work with the community," said Mayor Mike Gin. While the Daily Breeze's report makes the meeting sound like it was a regular love-in, there was one cause for concern: cost estimates for the project have jumped 50 percent to $300 million, since the developer now believes that much of the infrastructure around the waterfront needs to be replaced. And while the redevelopment will be paid for with a mix of public and private funds, those public funds have not yet been identified.

CenterCal is also proposing a pedestrian bridge to span the water from the pier to the north side of the harbor opening, providing a "romantic walk" for the lovers of Redondo to admire the view. But still to be worked out is how to include more--and more attractive--parking in the project without ballooning costs even further. There's also the issue of how to connect the north and south sides of the waterfront, which CenterCal believes is key. The proposed roadway has proven unpopular, however.
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