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49 Little Paramount-Adjacent Houses Get Going on Melrose

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The multi-unit project at Melrose and Gramercy, made possible by the city's small lot subdivision ordinance (which allows lots of little homes on a single property), is chugging along in the Larchmont/East Hollywood area. Grading for the 49 little houses has begun, according to Skyscraper Page poster WonderlandPark. The project will bring a bit of density to the area around Paramount Studios and the Hollywood Historic Hotel; it's also a stone's throw from the charming Melrose Hill enclave. The project came about after a joint venture of developers purchased the bank-owned, 72,000-square-foot property with plans to sell the wee single-family lots to individual homebuilders.
· Paramount-Adjacent Melrose Lot Could Get 49 Little Houses [Curbed LA]