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Vine Street's Galaxy Inn Reno Not as Crazy Colorful as Promised

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The old Galaxy Inn on an as-yet-ungentrified stretch of Vine Street south of Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood recently reopened as Step Up On Vine after a two-year renovation, and is now providing transitional housing for formerly homeless people with mental health problems. The $15.1-million project has 34 units (two set aside for managers), community space, and, eventually, a cafe and retail. The Step Up program will help residents with everything from adjusting to living independently, going to doctors' appointments, and eventually finding work and permanent housing, says Park La Brea News. Steven Spielberg, director of another Step Up facility, says that the Vine project had a waiting list with nearly 100 names, and that the building should be filled in the next few weeks.

That sounds great, however it's a little disappointing that the final project is not quite the riot of color the renderings promised. Perhaps the smaller-than-expected screen on the facade will deliver some of the flowery goods in the coming months.
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Galaxy Inn

1057 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA