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Lovely Giant Object Time-Lapse, Law Could Allow Booze Until 4

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EL SEGUNDO: Would it really be a giant object moving through the streets of LA if there weren't a lovely and sort-of-mournfully-soundtracked time-lapse video of it? Obviously not. Here: watch Chevron move its giant coke drums (for oil refining, not massive amounts of Bolivian marching powder) in this handsomely-lit ballet. The drums (six in total) were transported in shifts from Redondo Beach King Harbor to Chevron's El Segundo refinery; they each weigh 500,000 pounds and are 100 feet along. See the whole journey in three minutes above. [Curbed Inbox]

CALIFORNIA: From the annals of "freaking finally": Hero/State Senator Mak Leno has introduced legislation that would allow California nightclubs and restaurants to keep serving booze until 4 am. He says "This legislation would allow destination cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego to start local conversations about the possibility of expanding nightlife and the benefits it could provide the community by boosting jobs, tourism and local tax revenue." It would also boost fun. [LA Weekly]