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Safeway Considering Apartments Above Sad West LA Vons

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Thanks to lackluster sales, the Pavilions grocery store at Wilshire and Stoner in Brentwood shuttered earlier this month, Patch reports. The closure follows that of a nearby Albertson's, though that space is reopening as a Bristol Farms; this stretch of Wilshire also offers a Ralphs and a Whole Foods just across the border in Santa Monica. It's a different story just south at Santa Monica Boulevard and Barrington, where right now a Vons (referred to rather tastelessly as "ghetto Vons" in local parlance) serves the locals--failed plans have been in the works for years to transform the grocery store, featuring mid-century design and a massive, litter-filled, and often-empty parking lot greeting the boulevard, into a new, modern store. Now, a rep for Safeway, owner of Pavilions and Vons, confirms they're considering turning the dusty Vons into a mixed-use development, with apartments on top. We're told the grocery chain is reviewing proposals for the development in a few weeks, though rumors of a mixed-use at this sad corner have hung around for years (meaning don't hold your breath).
· Following Albertsons, Pavilions Closes in West L.A. [Curbed LA]