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4 Options For Reviving San Pedro's Collapsed Paseo Del Mar

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Here's one thing landslides are good for: reduced traffic. Since a stretch of San Pedro's blufftop Paseo Del Mar collapsed in 2011, locals have enjoyed the relative peace and quiet with the road gone. Too bad for them, then, that City Councilmember Joe Buscaino announced that the road will likely reopen someday, according to the Daily Breeze. The question before Buscaino and a pair of neighborhood groups is how. The options include:

-- Cut a road through the White Point Nature Preserve (meanning the road would have to close at night, when the Preserve does)
-- Restore the road in the same location, either with a retaining wall or without
-- Build a bridge over the collapsed portion
-- Regrade the road, "which would result in a dip and an uneven surface"

Costs for the various plans run from $6.7 million (for the daylight-only nature preserve) to $51.3 million for the bridge. While some neighbors may prefer things as they are, it's unlikely that the road will remain closed for good. A majority of residents at one recent meeting indicated they wanted it reopened, and there's a lot of love for this stretch of asphalt. Buscaino called it "a historic road for our town," while Dave Behar (who sits on both local landslide committees) called it one of the town's "jewels."
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