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Happy Foot/Sad Foot Sign Jewelry, Broadway Lights Up

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HAFO SAFO: Gawker West Coast editor Cord Jefferson is a goddamned accessories genius because he had Silver Lake's happy foot/sad foot sign made into a charm "to better rep LA and celebrate the duality of life." Way, way smarter than the tattoos. How do we get one? (*The charm's bespoke, not for sale, sadly.) [Cord Jefferson]

DOWNTOWN: The Bringing Back Broadway initiative has spawned the Broadway Architecural Facade Lighting Grant Program--it'll give out $750,000 "for the design, permitting and construction of architectural façade lighting improvements on up to ten buildings along Downtown Broadway between 2nd & Olympic." A press release says the idea is "to help make private investments along the corridor make more sense, and create a better and more active pedestrian experience both day and night." Priority will be given to historic buildings and to property owners who have invested in revitalization. [Curbed Inbox]