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Silver Lake's Rowena Slimmed to 2 Lanes Plus Room For Bikes

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Silver Lake's thoroughfare Rowena Avenue was placed on a road diet this weekend by the city--the diet had workers restriping four-lane Rowena to reduce it "down to one traffic lane in each direction and a middle turning lane between Hyperion Avenue and Glendale Boulevard," reports Eastsider LA. Meanwhile, the extra space was converted into bike lanes. The project is part of the LADWP water pipeline project that's been jacking up the area for ages and hopefully it'll slow cars down and make Rowena a little safer. The street has claimed the lives of several pedestrians, including a 24-year-old woman last year. "She was walking to her car and got hit," the LAPD Mike Menza told Patch at the time. "Unfortunately, this is something that we deal with a lot." Maybe it's the dangerous state of Rowena, but apparently the change came with little resistance; they'll also be tested out for three months, so the city can make tweaks if necessary.
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