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Inside Celeb Decorator Waldo Fernandez's Bev Hills Modern

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[Images via Architectural Digest]

Waldo Fernandez is the celebrity decorator who's worked for Elizabeth Taylor and Brad Pitt, and he's designed everything from the Oscars greenroom to the $40,000 a month penthouse at the 8500 apartments. So what's his own place like? Right now he's living in and working on a '60s modern in Beverly Hills, profiled in this month's Architectural Digest. He says "It may not have been done by one of L.A.'s famous midcentury architects, but the bones were solid and I loved the way it seemed to float over the hillside." He "completely overhauled the original layout," added a second level and an infinity pool, and of course completely redid the interiors in "a series of pristine white volumes with dark wenge-wood floors and overscale doors, the latter of which are finished in exactly 17 coats of deep brown–black lacquer." Fernandez sold a Mediterranean in Beverly Hills a few years back; we'd be willing to bet he's ready to put his latest home on the market pretty soon.
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