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Grand 1905 House on a Hillside Comes With Good Backstory

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Eastsider LA notices that "one of the most eye-catching examples of the large and classic-style homes and apartment buildings that dot the blocks on the southern fringe of Echo Park" has come up for sale--the building, which "stands alone on a hillside, looming over Vista Hermosa Park," was built in 1905 and has a pretty interesting little piece of history attached. For Public Matters last year, Gerald Gubatan made a short video about his uncle Eddie Ferrer, a Filipino man who married a white woman named Ann after World War II; because of anti-miscegenation laws, they'd had to go to New Mexico, but when they returned, they lived in this house, which at the time was by an oil field. The building now has 13 units and the listing imagines even more for the lot "Great Development Opportunity. Can build 23 units Condominium." Asking price is $1.28 million.

Gerald Gubatan - Ferrer House from Public Matters on Vimeo.

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