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Busway or Light Rail on Van Nuys? Metro Opens Up the Debate

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Metro has begun seeking public comments on their proposals to majorly amp up the north-south transit line in the Valley, primarily along Van Nuys Boulevard, home to some of the city's most-used bus routes, reports the Daily News. The East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor could play out in one of the following ways:

-- A bus-only roadway (like the Orange Line) along Van Nuys north of Ventura Boulevard, onto San Fernando Road to the City of San Fernando
-- A light rail line along that same route
-- Increased bus service along the route
-- Make no changes

The light rail option would see about 4,000 more riders per week and an average journey would take 35 minutes from end to end--about six minutes faster than the busway solution. Those six minutes come with a hefty price tag, however: the low end estimates for each option are $1.8 billion for rail vs $250 million for the bus. There's a form on Metro's Facebook page if you'd care to weigh in; comments are being accepted until May 6.
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