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Hermosa Beach Clutches Pearls

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Think of the children! Hermosa Beach residents in one neighborhood are in an uproar over a scandalous display at two side-by-side adult entertainment/lingerie stores on Pacific Coast Highway named Sassy's and The Tender Box. Both stores are owned by the same family. "Mannequins clad in suggestive lingerie stand alongside a poster of various personal massage tools at Sassy's, and throughout last month, the words "We Vibe Lelo" were pasted in large capital letters on the side of The Tender Box." One concerned mother is worried about her children seeing the signage for the sex toys We-Vibe and Lelo and asking her questions, or local teenagers seeing the words and Googling them. The owner of the stores say they are willing to work with the community to resolve the issue, so maybe parents won't have to discuss vibrators with their kids. [The Beach Reporter]