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Lloyd Wright's Sowden House Boomerangs Back to Market

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Aww, poor old Sowden House--will you never get a moment's peace? The landmark Lloyd Wright Mayan Revival sure has endured a lot over the years: structural damage, creepy owners, controversial renovations, constant parties and film shoots, ghost hunters and cadaver dogs sniffing around, and God only knows what else. The house languished on the market on and off for half a decade in the aughts, but in 2011, longtime owner Xorin Balbes finally sold it to one Stephen Finkelstein for $3.85 million. Eighteen months later, Mr. Finkelstein is kicking the five-bedroom, six-bath residence back to the curb with an asking price of $4.888 million. Let's hope it gets a little rest when the next buyer comes along.
· 5121 Franklin Avenue [Estately]

Sowden House

5121 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA