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When Metro Locks Subway Gates, Riders Actually Pay to Ride

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Metro has been experimenting with locking the turnstiles at subway stations, forcing riders to buy tickets or use their TAP cards. The totally mindblowing results, via The Source? More people are paying to ride the subway. Crazy, right? LA's unlocked subway gates have long puzzled riders/delighted cheapskates, and it has taken years to get this far in the Great Gatelocking Campaign. The sticking point has been how to handle riders who transfer in from other transportation systems, and so part of the experiment has invovled issuing paper TAP tickets to Metrolink riders who transfer onto the subway. The goal is to have locked gates on the Red and Purple Lines by the summer.

For even more evidence, head on over to The Source.
· Results of gate latching at Metro Red and Purple Line stations: many more people TAP [The Source]