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Candy Spelling Suing Over Delayed Amenities in Building She Doesn't Live In Yet

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The Candy Spelling condo drama keeps getting better and better. Mega-TV-producer Aaron Spelling's widow has been waiting on her $35 million penthouse at The Century in Century City for years now and meanwhile has been renting a $28,000 a month unit at The Carlyle. In the past few weeks, she's filed a lawsuit against her landlord there, alleging he was unfairly trying to kick her out, and the landlord has also filed suit, alleging that she refuses to get out. Now she's gone and sued The Century too! The suit claims that "owners of the building promised certain amenities, including a restaurant," which was supposed to open on January 1, but still hasn't, according to TMZ. She also says that "the owners have not made any concessions" and she "wants some of the money back to compensate her for the amenities she didn't get." In the building she's not yet living in. She already got some concessions when she first closed on the condo--she'd originally agreed to pay $47 million, but talked the price down to $35 million since the unit ended up being smaller than first promised and because the market had tanked since she first made the deal.
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