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Wilshire Grand Tower Rendered, Subway Construction Kerfuffle

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Top of the proposed Wilshire Grand Tower

This Week's Top Stories: Things are looking up (wayyy up) in Downtown, as renderings and details of the new Wilshire Grand tower make their way to the internet. The heiress to the great In-N-Out Burger fortune owns a large home in Bradbury, and we have the old listing photos for you to perv over. Hoping to encourage people to stop clogging up the road with their stupid cars, the City opened two tiny parklets on Spring Street in Downtown. A rendering for the development next to the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood probably escaped into the wild a tad too early, causing mayhem in its wake. The owner of the Los Angeles Theater is clearing out the tables and chairs populating St. Vincent's Court, upsetting local restaurateurs. The Beverly Hills Courier and Metro's in-house blog The Source are in a war over the construction schedule and resulting traffic impact for construction of the Purple Line subway. LA's City Council has given its approval to the big NBC-Universal Evolution Plan to add production space, a hotel, and Universal Studios park expansion in Universal City.