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Share a 3,000-Square-Foot Loft in the Brewery Art Colony

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If you've been thinking about giving Downtown loft living a go but aren't quite ready to invest your entire nest egg, here's an opportunity to dip your toe in the water--i.e., a loft share in the bohemian Brewery Art Colony. Per this Craigslist post, one of the resident artists (or perhaps car-tist, judging from the photos) is seeking a roommate for his or her 3,000-square-foot loft. The future tenant gets a "large private bedroom with its own designer bathroom....finished with layered copper patina and a one of a kind, designer sink made of marbles!". The loft also features a fireplace, laundry room, private garden, and deck. Monthly rent is $1,700.
· $1700 / 3000ft² - ROOMMATE WANTED - INCREDIBLE OLD LOFT [Craigslist]