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Here are 8 Terrible Possible Names for SaMo's New Civic Park

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Sometimes asking for public input is asking for trouble. Santa Monica's new six-acre civic park, slated to open soon at Ocean Avenue between Olympic and Colorado, has been temporarily dubbed Palisades Garden Walk. But Santa Monica officials wanted a classy new name to go with their classy new park, with its design by James Corner Field Operations, the firm behind New York's wildly popular High Line, and its supercool overlooks and discovery forts. So naturally they turned to their classy residents, and opened a poll for naming ideas. Via Santa Monica Patch, here are some of the highlights:

-- Santa Monica Garden of Eden Center
-- Planetarium of Eden

-- Water World Park (timely movie tie-in, guys)
-- Peace Love
-- The New Bum Park
-- Rainbow Park
-- Dreamweaver Park
-- Spaceship Adventure Park

How to choose among such jewels? The city council may not; after failing to come to a consensus months ago, staffers are now asking the council to throw out the poll and keep the Palisades Garden Walk moniker. The council votes next week.
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