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County Waging Battle Against East LA Graffiti (and Winning)

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The overwhelming sight of graffiti in East LA is becoming a thing of the past, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works via LA Eastsider. The taggers haven't all left for San Bernardino--the public works department's amped up efforts at battling the blight and has a 24-hour hotline to report graffiti. The program works to clean up tags within two days or better; in the case of East LA's welcome sign on Beverly Boulevard, the department recently scrubbed the marker within 24 hours of the tagging report. It's a constant struggle: "In East LA alone , this program removed some 28,000 tags, equating to about 1.8 million square feet of graffiti, during the most recent fiscal year... the county spent about $300,000 on just graffiti removal in East LA in 2012." The county is spending millions to prevent and clean up graffiti, believing it may discourage future crimes and deter low-level troublemakers.
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