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Beverly Hilton Considers the Future of Room Whitney Died In

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The Beverly Hilton was pandemonium last year after singer Whitney Houston died in a bathtub in Room 434, hours before the hotel's annual pre-Grammy party, which she was scheduled to attend. Tomorrow night, the hotel will once again host the event--which Houston's mother considers somewhat macabre--prompting the Los Angeles Times to ponder what's to come of Room 434. For now, the room is stripped of most of its furniture, no longer in normal rotation for use, and the 434 number has been removed. But the room will soon be put back into rotation for other guests to use--likely with a makeover. "Hotel management is considering options to repurpose the space but has made no final decisions at this time," according to a Hilton statement.
· What Will Happen to the Room Whitney Houston Died In? [LA Times]

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