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LA Daters Are Twice as Likely to Stand Up Their Dates

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Hey Angelenos, let's make a pact to stop being stereotypes of ourselves, ok? That means no more green juice, no more doggy yoga, and no more flakiness. Los Angeles daters are, apparently, more than twice as likely as average to stand up their dates--they're ranked number one in dater-flakiness on Let's Date (an iPhone app that dumps a big pile of gamification on dating--it "finds you the best dates by studying your reactions to dating profiles and actual dates to learn over time who your best match is"). The app surveys users within 15 minutes of their first date (!!), so they know when someone doesn't show up, and LA daters flaked 10 percent of the time, compared to 4.5 percent elsewhere. (But then we already knew LA daters are awful.) They've also found that Angelenos are 50 percent more likely to call themselves "fit" than everyone else and that the city has the most daters who say their diet preference is "paleo." Ok, seriously, guys.
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