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Ex-Northrop CEO's Moraga Vineyards Property in Bel Air Hits the Market Asking $29.5 Million

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Back in 1978, ex-Northrop CEO Thomas Jones started planting grapes on six acres of his property in Bel Air. In 1982, he bottled his first wine, and eventually he created Moraga Vineyards, which the New Yorker said was "the only commercial vineyard in Los Angeles" when it profiled the place back in 1994. Jones is now selling his property, including the vineyard--that's 13 acres plus a grandma-friendly main house (three bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms), a two-bedroom guesthouse, a 4,400-square-foot office building ("currently used as the winery sales office"), and an on-site wine cave. The New Yorker piece said that "Jones says that his property, in a canyon near the San Diego Freeway, receives between fifty and sixty per cent more rainfall than downtown Los Angeles. It gets a hard frost several times each winter. The soil is calcareous sandstone--sedimentary rock that has been thrust up from the ocean," in case that means something to you aspiring winemakers. Asking price is $29.5 million. If you'd like to spend a little more, the Rosenthal Estates vineyard/residential property is still on the market asking $59.5 million.
· 1050 MORAGA Dr [Redfin]