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Venice Zipline Project Approved, Could Be Up This Summer

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If, after last summer's disappointment, you'd given up on the Venice Beach zipline ever rising on the sand, buck up: it appears to be coming this summer! The California Coastal Commission voted 7-4 today to issue a license for the 750-foot zipline, reports Yo! Venice! It will be a three-month pilot program this summer, at the end of which the line will be dismantled. City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl spoke in favor of the program, while some speakers at the meeting were concerned it would "ruin the serenity of the beach with screaming zip line riders," according to Venice Dispatch. Considering the line will run between towers near the Venice skate park and basketball courts--two of the less tranquil spots on the beach--this might not be the most pressing concern. The project also includes "acrobatic classes for children, summer camps and three free public performances," which may or may not make everyone feel better about hefty the $20 per zip price tag. The pilot will be run as a public-private partnership with Vancouver-based (Vancouver again!) Greenheart Conservation Company.
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