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Here is a Naked Woman Hanging Out at LA Landmarks

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LA photographer Ernie Holzman has just closed a show called LA Backstory, which followed a nude young woman all over LA, to "Chinatown, Union Station, LAX, Pinks?," as he tells Los Angeles (via LAObserved), plus at Paramount, in front of the United Artists Theatre building, and by Circus Liquor. Holzman (who worked as a cameraman on Blade Runner!) used a 60-year-old camera and didn't bother pulling permits--he was going through cancer treatment at the time and says "I wanted to do something radical coming out of chemotherapy ... And I had the sense while shooting that I did not care if I got arrested or got hassled." On shooting the above at Union Station: "I shot the image from the velvet rope where I was given permission to be from one of the police officers ... I snapped one shot and that was it. As luck would have it I was very pleased with that shot." Related: naked self-portraits in New York City.

United Artists Theatre

933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

Union Station

800 North Alameda Street, , CA 90012 Visit Website