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Will Purple Line Construction Really Leave an Open Trench on Wilshire for 7 Years?

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It's been a while since we've had a skirmish in Beverly Hills's ongoing War on the Purple Line Extension. But there may be a war of words brewing between the Beverly Hills Courier and The Source, Metro's house blog. In a Courier post that includes the sentence "When The Courier reports facts, they are facts," The Source counts four errors in a single paragraph. At issue is the disruption that will be caused by excavation and construction of the Purple Line station at La Cienega and Wilshire Boulevards, no doubt a real concern for residents and businesses in the area. The Courier claims that "an open trench nearly 2,000 feet or more long and nearly 100 feet wide will take all of Wilshire for up to seven years," and that trucks will be hauling dirt out of the area "24/7."

To those claims, The Source says: poppycock! (They didn't literally say "poppycock," unfortunately.) Instead, they say, the trench will be half as long as the Courier claims, and that "there is no plan to build stations for the new line with permanently open trenches." Instead the trench will be covered with concrete decking after excavation to allow traffic to flow, as was the case during other subway construction. There will, however, be temporary street closures during the initial excavation period and at the end of construction. And while The Source says that "there is no plan to haul dirt from the station excavations 24/7," note that they do not expressly promise not to engage in midnight dirt hauling. Tinfoil hats back on.
Update 2/7: The Courier responds! Predictably ridiculously.
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