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LADOT Trying to Keep Drivers Out of the Sepulveda Bike Lanes

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A 1.2-mile bike lane was installed on Sepulveda Boulevard, from Venice to National Boulevards, last April. And now, apparently, cars turning right off of northbound Sepulveda are using the bike lanes and the often-empty street-parking lane to bypass traffic and make a quick turn--"apparently well before the legally permitted advance distance of 200 feet," according to the LADOT bike blog. The transportation department says they're aware of the issue and will be installing Botts' dots--the raised bumps that often separate traffic lanes on freeways--and diagonal white lines on the parking lane, to deter drivers from using the open space. One could argue that if no one is biking or parking, why not let the drivers catch a break? On the flip side, aggressive cars driving in bike lanes can deter people from cycling.
· Sepulveda Bicycle Lane Riding Conditions to be Improved [LADOT Bike Blog]