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Yet Another Giant Object to Be Moved Through LA's Streets

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LA's giant-object-moving trend lives on in 2013! Last year, we saw the inspiring journeys of the space shuttle Endeavour and the enormous LACMA boulder, and now Chevron plans to move "six massive coke drums within the next few weeks from Redondo Beach King Harbor to its El Segundo refinery," reports the Daily Breeze. The drums (used in some refinery process, and having nothing to do with either Coca-Cola or cocaine, as far as we can tell) are 500,000 pounds each, 28 feet across, and 100 feet long, and will travel in pairs on four and a half miles of South Bay streets starting the nights of February 20, February 27, and March 6.

As we know by now, you can't move a giant object through the streets of Los Angeles without a few disruptions: Chevon will have to trim trees along Rosecrans and on the Sepulveda median (but no tree removals!); they'll also have to move and remove power lines and traffic signals and remove and replace parts of street medians. Chevron intends to reimburse all the cities involved for any public safety expenses.
· Chevron's movement of massive coke drums will close roads, affect trees and power lines [DB]