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Victorianish Crescent Bath House For Sale, Businesspeople Like Capitol Records Towers

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LAKE ELSINORE: This is way out in Riverside County and a commercial property, but we couldn't resist: the beautiful Crescent Bath House was designed by Frank Ferris and built in 1887 "directly across the street from California Southern Railroad train station." The building has "Colorful bulbous spires and intricately crafted inverted horseshoe arches that frame windows and doorways," and an 85-foot-long corridor with ten private baths. It's being used as an antique store now but "potential reuse as a spa or bath house is distinctly in the realm of possibility." The property is on the National Register of Historic Places and asking $795,000. [Crosby Doe]

HOLLYWOOD: The neighbors may not all be psyched, but the businesspeople are on board with the Millennium Hollywood project, which would put up two very tall towers and a bunch of open space and plazas on the land surrounding the Capitol Records Building. There was a news conference this morning that included "a diverse array of business organizations," all there to ask "city decision-makers to approve the project." Representatives emphasized the Millennium Hollywood's Red Line-adjacency and a new fiscal study showing that its "anticipated $664 million investment would result in a total economic output of approximately $925 million in Los Angeles County, including approximately 5,900 total jobs created." Right now developers have only proposed a "conceptual plan," so it's unclear what would actually be built, but they're asking for the city to sign off on two mixed-use towers (residential/hotel/office/retail/sports club) of up to 585 feet and 485 feet, respectively. Public hearings start later this month. [Curbed Inbox]