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LA's First Parking Space Park Opens With Reservoir Dogs Imagery in Highland Park

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Los Angeles got its very first parklet over the weekend--where else but on trendy up-and-coming York Boulevard (near Avenue 50) in Highland Park. The little parking space parks are all the rage in San Francisco, Boston, Long Beach, and other pedestrian-friendly cities, and LA's about to have four by the end of the month (one in El Sereno and two on Spring Street Downtown). City Councilmember Jose Huizar explains: "[Parklets] encourage a more local, pedestrian experience where people take the time to sit, relax and enjoy one another's company while also supporting local businesses."

The HP parklet is about 20 feet by six feet and features some redwood seating, a little greenery, and mosaic glass tile by Cathi Milligan that shows "images and references to the neighborhood, including scenes from the film 'Reservoir Dogs,' which was filmed in Highland Park," according to Eastsider LA. They add that the parklet "rests on concrete piers and is bolted into the curb (not the street) and can be easily removed." Living Streets LA, the same group behind Silver Lake's Sunset Triangle Plaza, helped Huizar and the community develop the plans for the two NELA parklets.

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