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SaMo Could Slash Parking Spot Requirements on Montana

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Much to the chagrin of some locals, a new draft plan that aims to organize Santa Monica's parking needs classifies upscale Montana Avenue as a transit-oriented district--similar to Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards, Santa Monica Patch reports. If the plan passes the planning commission and the city council, business, condo, and apartment owners would be required to build and provide less parking than they currently do. Hoping to lure people out of cars and onto bikes, buses, or their own two feet, the plan would mandate shop owners between Sixth and Seventeenth Streets build one space per 1,000 square feet; currently, they must have one spot per 225 to 300 square feet. New condo and apartment buildings on the tony stretch of Montana would be exempt from providing visitor parking. The firm that drafted the plan says there is more than enough parking on side streets and that businesses need to share parking spots, but a neighborhood advocate says, "We are not poised to sell our cars and rely on transit in Santa Monica, and we won't be for some time."
· New Parking Plan Treats Montana Like Santa Monica Blvd. [Santa Monica Patch]