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South Park Tower Developer Planning Two More Towers Nearby

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Is LA the next Vancouver? Erm, probably not, for a lot of reasons. But there does seem to be a lot of Vancouverian development action going on around town, with one developer going so far as to say that "the wave of commercial development spreading across downtown appears similar to the transformation of urban Vancouver that took place over the last 15 years." Last week brought news that that developer, the Vancouverite Onni Group, broke ground on a 32-story residential/retail tower in South Park, and today the LA Times reports that they've got two more like it up its sleeve. The Onni Group is looking to build two additional towers, one next door to 888 Olive and a second at Twelfth and Flower, near the Staples Center. Onni owns the land it plans to develop, but the projects are only in their infancy--no architects have been hired yet. The company also bought the Union Lofts apartment building on Eighth Street near Hill, which it has no plans to redevelop. But Onni isn't the only Vancouverish game in town--Bastion Development Corp. is doing its best to make the western end of Washington Boulevard in Culver City happen, with three new residential buildings there.
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888 Olive

888 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA