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Council Candidate Wants Sunset Rail Line, Riverside Streetcar

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[Renderings by Eric Solis of HNTB]

Prepare to completely lose your shit, North Centralians: former deputy mayor and City Council District 13 candidate Matt Szabo has revealed his transportation vision for the area (Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village, and Elysian Valley, more or less) and it's everything you've ever dreamed of. Seriously. Everything. Here's the short version, via his campaign website: "The plan, titled 'This Could Be Us: A Public Transit Vision that Works,' calls for a rail line along or under Sunset Boulevard, connecting Hollywood to Silver Lake, Echo Park, Dodger Stadium and Downtown L.A.; a street car connecting Atwater Village to Elysian Valley, Elysian Park and Downtown L.A.; and a subway extension connecting the Red Line in Hollywood to the future Purple Line in Century City, with a subway stop at the Hollywood Bowl." Here are the smelling salts. We'll meet you down below for details.

Here's what Szabo's calling for:
-- A Pink Line running from the Purple Line in Century City, along Santa Monica Boulevard, to the Red Line in Hollywood, with an extension up to the Hollywood Bowl.
-- A Sunset Line connecting Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Downtown--it'd be "a rail line along or under Sunset Boulevard with a stop at Dodger Stadium."
-- A freaking streetcar along Riverside Drive connecting Atwater, Elysian Valley, Elysian Park, Chinatown, and Downtown; it'd hook up to the Downtown streetcar.
-- To "aggressively advance" the Hollywood Central Park, which would cap the 101 Freeway in Hollywood with 44 acres of green space.
-- To take down the wire around the Silver Lake Reservoir and increase its public space, particularly after it goes offline as a drinking water source.
-- To get the concrete out of the LA River and "to create more natural, accessible public green space for pedestrians and cyclists" around it.

Hollywood Central Park

Bronson Ave. & Carlos Ave., Los Angeles, CA