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Work Starts on Redondo's Long-Delayed Shade Hotel

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It's all happening at Redondo Beach this week. First CenterCal revealed the initial plans for their huge waterfront and pier makeover, and now work is getting underway at last on the Shade Hotel up the street. When we checked in on the hotel in November, the city, which owns the land being developed, was threatening a $25,000 a month fine if work didn't begin by the end of February. Here we are on the last day of the month and the LA Times reports that work will indeed begin this week, starting with the demolition of the '60s-era Red Onion restaurant that sits on the site. Developer Michael Zislis, who also owns a Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, hopes to salvage timber from the old restaurant to "make bed frames, desks and other furniture for the eco-friendly" hotel. The 54-room boutique hotel, designed by Venice-based Michael Hricak Architects, is expected to open in early 2015, and may find itself with competition: CenterCal's plans for the gussied up waterfront includes another boutique hotel.
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