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Huge Pico/Sepulveda Mixed-User Moves Ahead With Public Restrooms and More For Transit Users

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Casden West LA, the huge Expo Line-adjacent development set to bring 638 apartments, a big box retailer, and a traffic concierge to Pico and Sepulveda got the thumbs up from the Planning Commission earlier today. A representative for Casden tells us that the Commission's approval for the development was unanimous, though it included a few conditions to beef up the transit-oriented aspect. For instance, the number of bike parking spaces was increased to 144, and there will now be public restrooms for transit users and a bus layover area. To encourage transit usage, parking will be unbundled from the apartments--tenants will have to opt in if they want spaces, and Casden will give away 75 Metro passes to residents and employees. Finally, the residential units will moved 500 feet further away from the nearby 405 Freeway. Though the project has been controversial in the community, Planning Commission President Bill Roschen said that it "is going to turn out to be an exemplary TOD project." Next stop: the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee and then on to City Council, where there could still be a fight. Councilmembers Paul Koretz and Bill Rosendahl both said they thought the project was too large back when it only had 538 apartments.
· Expo-Adjacent Sepulveda/Pico Mixed-User Will Have 1,795 Parking Spaces, Transit Concierge [Curbed LA]