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Selma and Vine Mixed-User in Hollywood Back From the Dead

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Everyone hop in the DeLorean and lets take a trip back to 2006, a magical time before our brows were troubled by recession, and everyone was following a hot lead about a new Whole Foods coming to Hollywood. The market was to be part of a large mixed-use development at 1540 North Vine Street (at Selma), which our new mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, was touting as one of his wins in his second year in office. And then ... nothing. Until now! Word on the street is the project, designed by TCA Architects and developed by Camden Development, has risen from the dead. The rendering above is a bit out of date, but the most recent information we can find is that project will have around 300 market-rate apartments and groundfloor retail, taking the place of the surface parking lot on the southeast* corner of Selma and Vine.
· Hollywood Whole Foods in Full Rendered Glory [Curbed LA]