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Lovely But Wrecked Mediterranean in the Hills Needs a Miracle

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Well, this is a crying shame. What was once no doubt a perfectly enchanting Mediterranean from the glamorous era of early Hollywood has been used and abused into a perfectly deplorable state of wrack and ruin. Located in Beachwood Canyon, the 3,635-square-foot house features five bedrooms, four baths, tile and hardwood floors, a spiral staircase with wrought-iron railing, French windows, leaded glass, and a step-down living room with beamed ceilings and a fireplace. Per the listing, it also features "major, major water damage throughout," an entry patio that's "sinking into the garage," one bathroom where "nothing works," another bathroom that "caught on fire," and a non-functional heating system--all of which is likely to make it extremely difficult if not impossible to obtain financing. From the looks and sound of it, the poor old gal may very well be beyond rescuing; however, that was the general consensus toward the similarly trashed home in Los Feliz known as Grey Gardens, and it came back to life in a big way, so who knows? Last sold in 2007 for $1.25 million, it's now listed in a short sale at $769,000.
· 6221 Holly Mont Dr, Hollywood Hills East [Estately]