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Watch a Runyon Parking Freakout, Opie's LA Photographs

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HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Ohhhhhh boy, the parking situation gets super real at Runyon Canyon--see just how real in this video of a local cursing out a visiting hiker who took his parking spot. Weirdly, this story has a happy ending, according to the tale on YouTube: "What you don't see is that afterwards, I went to give him the parking spot, and we had locked ourselves out! I ran up to his car as he was getting ready to have my spot, & I told the guy we're stuck until a locksmith arrives. He then did a very good deed for us, and helped us unlock the car. We then sat & talked about how tough it is for him to get a parking spot on Sundays. He's been putting up with this parking hassle for years, and had finally lost it. I don't blame him." That's nice, but we're still not sure that "how much of a problem parking is up in those hills" is what this video brings awareness to. [YouTube, via LA Can't Drive]

HOLLYWOOD: Woodbury University's WUHO gallery is now running Catherine Opie: In & Around LA, showing off the photographer's work in "the less-represented parts of Los Angeles." Opie is the recipient of the 2013 Julius Shulman Institute Excellence in Photography Award (which will be presented at a public ceremony at WUHO on March 2). As a press release puts it: "For over twenty-five years, Opie has photographed people, places, and buildings in and around L.A. Her lens captures Bel Air facades decorated with intricate iron gates, West Adams shopkeepers with directs gazes, and undersides of overpasses." The show closes March 24; all the information is here. [Curbed Inbox]

Runyon Canyon

2001 N. Fuller Ave., Los Angeles, CA