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Bugsy Siegel's Holmby Hills House Finally Sells For $30MM Off

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Almost exactly like two years after it was first listed, mid-century gangster Bugsy Siegel's posh old place in Holmby Hills has finally sold (this is not, note, mistress Virginia Hill's infamous Beverly Hills house, where Siegel was shot to death in 1947). Siegel built this place in 1938; it sits on 1.84 acres and has five bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, a 60-foot living room, an oak-paneled library, a 35mm screening room, a dining room, a separate gym with steam room, lawns, formal rose gardens, a north-south tennis court, and a pool. Also lots of secrets, like the trapdoor in the ceiling of a closet, which Siegel snuck through when cops came banging on his door in 1940. The house was originally listed in February 2010 for $49.5 million and after many chops, just sold for $19.5 million.
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