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Possible LA River Summer Fun Zone Cut to Just Elysian Valley

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Booooo! Five natural-bottomed miles of the LA River were supposed to (maybe) open for recreational use this summer, all the way from Atwater Village down to Elysian Valley, but now it looks like the Atwater and Silver Lake parts are out of the plan. Any potential opening would only include the stretch of the river south of Fletcher Drive; "Bridge construction near North Atwater Park and Fletcher Drive prompted officials to cut the proposed recreation zone to about half of its original length," according to Eastsider LA. The potential pilot program would run from Memorial Day to Labor Day; officials are hoping to get city approval in May, which is sure cutting it tight.

Meanwhile, the hot topic at a community meeting this past weekend was still the ban on dogs in the plan, but "Officials with the City of Los Angeles and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, which will help provide security and maintenance during the pilot program, said the ban on dogs, biking and other activities is intended to protect birds and other wildlife." If people decide to make a big deal about it (or about parking, security, etc.), it could cause trouble for a 2013 pilot program.
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