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Landlord Trying to Evict Candy Spelling From The Carlyle

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The landlord war is heating up for Candy Spelling, the superrich widow of mega-TV-producer Aaron Spelling--since she sold her giant mansion The Manor in 2011, and while she waits for work to be done on her $35 million penthouse at The Century, she's been living in a $28,000 per month rental unit at The Carlyle in Westwood. Last week we heard she'd filed a lawsuit claiming the landlord was going against their deal, trying to sell the unit and force her out (and that The Carlyle was double billing her for utilities and so on). Now the landlord (a company) has filed its own lawsuit, saying Spelling's lease expired on January 31, that she's refused to leave, and that they'd like a judge to please evict her, according to TMZ. Spelling's earlier lawsuit said she'd already extended the lease six months and paid her $28k for February. The owner now wants $933.33 for every day she's still there.
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