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Watch the Bald Eagles of Catalina Hanging Out in Their Nests

Dreaming of a Catalina getaway? Bonkers for birdwatching? Then let this livestream of a bald eagle (our national bird!) on Catalina magically transport you. Pump up the volume and pretend the white noise is the sound of the sea. The feed is provided by Pet Collective and the Institute for Wildlife Studies, which has three cameras set up on Catalina, trained on three pairs of eagles during egg laying and hatching season, which is now apparently. If the feed above is too snoozy--and really, we're trying to be patriotic here but that bird has not moved--by all means try one of the others.

Live from Two Harbors

Live stream by Ustream

Live from West End

Live stream by Ustream
· Life, liberty, live-streams: Bald eagle nest cameras on Catalina (WATCH LIVE) [SCPR]