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Redevelopment Rumored at Downtown's Huge May Co. Building

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There's a juicy rumor going around that developers Shahram and Shahriar Afshani--who were behind the NCT Lofts Downtown-- are joining forces with Macfarlane Partners to redevelop the huge California Broadway Trade Center building at Eighth Street between Broadway and Hill in the Jewelry District, reports Downtown Examiner. Originally built in 1908 as Hamburgers Department Store, the May Company took it over in the 1920s, though it's been more recently home to dozens of individual retail stalls. The building is now owned by the Afshani brothers who, if the rumors are true, plan to bring a hotel, apartments, and revamped retail space to the one-million-square-foot site, which runs all the way between Broadway and Hill.
· May Company Department Store [USC]

May Company Building

6067 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA