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SaMo's Treehouse-esque Apartments All Rented Up Already

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The corner of Broadway and Twenty-Sixth on the east end of Santa Monica is a lot brighter lately. 2602 Broadway, an affordable housing development from nonprofit Community Corporation of Santa Monica, opened in September and filled up in November, according to Sue Keintz, the org.'s director of housing. All 33 units--23 two-bedrooms and 10 three-bedrooms--are below market-rate. Most interesting is the wacky design, from Kevin Daly of Daly Genik Architects, complete with elevated bridges between the development's four buildings. 2602 Broadway's design is intended to be sustainable, with bike racks, windows that deflect light, rainwater collectors to keep landscaping quenched, recycling shoots, a vertical garden, and a green roof to provide shade (none of the units have air conditioning).

One Earth Cut 1.3 notes from Richard Erb on Vimeo.

· 2602 Broadway [Official Site]