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Comedy House Party in Modern Arch, a Market at The Broad?

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Tim Ross 'Man About the House' from Toby Morris on Vimeo.

LOS ANGELES: "Comedy" and "mid-century modern architecture" seem like kind of an odd couple (unless the comedian is, like, Danny Kaye), but Australian MCM-lover/comedian Tim Ross is now traveling the world performing his show "Man About the House" exclusively in modern houses. (He says it's "almost like coming to a house party.") Now he's looking for a place to play in Los Angeles, so if you've got a lovely place that you don't mind opening up, give a buzz. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: The Architect's Newspaper hears that The Broad contemporary art museum, under-construction now on Grand Avenue, "is getting ready to add an upscale market to its rear, just above the parking lot." Hmmm ... any details on this, crew? Decking is also being laid for the park to the south, between the museum and the new apartment tower going up, but we still haven't seen any renderings--what if it's just a dense grove of ficus or a field of broken glass?? [A/N]

The Broad

Grand Ave. & Second St., Los Angeles, CA 90012