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Candy Spelling Says Temp Home The Carlyle is Screwing Her

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Candy Spelling's penthouse unit at The Century still isn't ready--it's been undergoing obviously very extensive renovations since she bought it in 2010 for $35 million--and it's causing her landlord headaches at her temporary home in The Carlyle on the Wilshire Corridor. Spelling, the widow of prolific television producer Aaron Spelling, sold their giant family estate The Manor in 2011 (to young British person Petra Ecclestone) and has been shacking up in a tiiiiiiny 5,600-square-foot unit ever since (tiny, we mean, compared to both the 56,500-square-foot Manor and the 15,555-square-foot unit at The Century); she's paying $28,000 a month. But Spelling's just like the rest of us!: she's (allegedly) got a dick landlord. TMZ reports that a juicy lawsuit has been filed alleging all kinds of nonsense by both The Carlyle and the owner of the unit:

-- The suit says that the unit at The Century is behind schedule, but that Spelling has a deal with the Carlyle unit owner "to extend her tenancy at her option." But she says the owner is now trying to sell "and in the process he's breaking the deal by trying to force her out."

-- Spelling has supposedly put down $10,000 of her own money to fix air conditioning and heating systems.

-- Spelling claims The Carlye "tried cheating her by double billing for utilities."

-- And she says they've let unauthorized people use her private elevator.
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