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Watch South Bay's Giant Object Move, Oscars Red Line Disruption

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SOUTH BAY: Yeah, this giant objects moving through the streets thing is totally happening--Chevron moved the first pair of its giant coke drums (for oil refining, not anything fun) from Redondo Beach to El Segundo Wednesday night, with the help of the same moving company that worked on both the space shuttle Endeavour's trip from LAX to the California Science Center last fall and the LACMA boulder's trip from Riverside last spring. The 500,000-pound drums arrived at Chevron's refinery at 2:30 am (check out a little of the trip in the video above). Four more drums will be moved in two more trips in the coming weeks. [YouTube]

HOLLYWOOD: Don't forget to stay the hell out of Hollywood this weekend--it's the Oscars: Fame, glamor, transportation nightmares! Hollywood Boulevard's been closed from Highland to Orange since last weekend and will stay closed through Tuesday morning; the Red Line will skip the Hollywood & Highland stop starting after the last train on Saturday and ending at 6 am on Monday. All the rest of the closures are listed here. [Curbed Inbox]