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Here's the Map For CicLAvia's First Route to the Beach

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Mayor Villaraigosa has just finished unveiling the route for the CicLAvia on April 21 and it is awesome: the "linear park" will run 15 miles, from El Pueblo Downtown to Venice Beach, mostly via Venice Boulevard. This is LA's sixth CicLAvia, which shuts down streets to cars and opens them to pedestrians, bikers, and other enthusiasts of playing in the street--the mayor says he's been trying to get the party out to Venice since it started in 2010. At the event this morning, CicLAvia's executive director, Aaron Paley, said that the April route will be one of the longest car-free routes in the US (there are about 60 similar events held around the country). CicLAvia is being held three times this year (up from the usual two) and this is the first time it's ventured out of the greater Downtown area; in June, it'll run via Wilshire to the Fairfax District. Paley says in a press release "Our goal is bring CicLAvia to as many different communities as possible."
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