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Touring the Restored Dry Falls Mid-Century Alexander House

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It's Palm Springs Modernism Week and we're touring a few of the beautiful buildings open to the public as part of the festivities. We've seen Frank Sinatra's old Twin Palms estate, Temple Isaiah, and the super minimalist Jennings House; today it's the Dry Falls Alexander house in Vista Las Palmas.

[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels]

Another day, another updated mid-century modern house in Palm Springs. Dry Falls, as this house is known, is in one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Palm Springs, Vista Las Palmas. The house was completed in 1958, one of the 1,200 Alexander tract houses that dot the city. The house was sold in 2009 for $650,000 and remodeling began to restore it back to its original glory, with updated features for today's vacationers.

While the "before" pictures reveal some seriously questionable 80s décor, the bones were all there--walls of glass, wood and beam ceilings, and a stone fireplace. Just ignore the terrifying multicolored, checkered upholstery, swirling rugs, and seriously hysterical art (is that a portrait of the devil we spy in slide five?). Renovations were completed in 2011 with all new furnishings, kitchen, and bathrooms, and a disappointing lack of Mephistophelian imagery.

The 3,600-square-foot property now features three bedrooms in the main house and three separate "casitas" with en suite baths in the guesthouse. The main living room looks out onto the newly landscaped backyard, complete with pool and spa, fire pit, barbecue, putting green, and even an oversized outdoor chess set.

The house is now available for vacation rentals, starting at $997 per night in the winter (less in the summer). If you're looking for a wild weekend crash pad in the desert, this probably isn't the place for you. The owners are very clear they want quiet renters looking for relaxation and "and loud noises and over-occupancy is not acceptable and will not be tolerated." --Marissa Gluck
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