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Awesome Guy Builds '70s Pan Am 747 in Industry Warehouse

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Anthony Toth, a Redondo Beach "airplane nerd," dropped nearly $100,000 to create a partial replica of a seventies-era Pan Am 747--the meticulously-recreated two-story showpiece, which includes a partial spiral staircase and check-in counter, is now stored in a 3,000 square foot warehouse in the City of Industry, since it's gotten too big for his garage, reports the Daily Breeze. Recently, Toth hired Christina Ricci former Pan Am flight attendants to dress up in their old gear and serve meals to 11 guests; there are 18 seats in the first class section and 26 in Clipper Class (sort of an Economy-plus area). The galley, or kitchen, was brought in one 800 pound piece from a Mojave desert airplane graveyard by a tractor-trailer and four men. Toth actually works for United, which bought some of Pan Am's castoffs when the legendary airline went belly-up in 1991. He hopes to make money off his creation by renting it out to production companies (or for parties?), especially when he adds a full cockpit and economy section.

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