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Cedric Gibbons-Inspired Oscars Greenroom, Simi Valley on H

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HOLLYWOOD: Architectural Digest reveals its annual Oscars greenroom, designed by Madeline Stuart (incidentally the daughter of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory director Mel Stuart). The room was "inspired by Hollywood's most glamorous era, the 1930s, and one of the men who made Tinseltown chic at that time, MGM art director and set designer Cedric Gibbons." (Gibbons, besides designing the Oscar statuette, sometimes did a little interiors work himself.) According to a release from Baker furniture, Gibbsons often used "stepped walls and ceilings, built-in upholstered banquettes, and polished black floors--luxe features that will be highlights of this year's Greenroom." [AD/Curbed Inbox]

SIMI VALLEY: Who knew--Simi Valley is apparently in the punishing grip of horse. Dr. Phil is doing a show tomorrow that "takes a sobering look at the heroin problem plaguing a town that was once named the safest city in America." He says: "This show isn't about a California town with a drug problem ... Simi Valley can really be Anytown, USA, because this is a problem that is running through towns across the country." [Curbed Inbox]

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